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All foreigners (except citizens of some countries) visiting Russia need a visa. In order to get one, travelers need an invitation from a Russian citizen or a company, which is then taken to a Russian embassy or Consulate, where the actual visa is issued. If you are planning to stay in Russia more than seven working days the visa needs to be registered by the person/organization that issued the invitation. If you don't make it through this bureaucratic loop, you may have problems leaving the country.

How to get a Russian Visa

The procedure for receiving a Russian visa consists of three steps, each of these may require time and expense.

Step 1 - Obtaining Invitation (Visa Support Letter) to Russia;
Step 2 - Getting the visa issued by the Russian Consulate;
Step 3 - Registering your visa upon arrival in Russia

Important: can help you in Step 1 and Step3

Step 1:


Step 2:

Step 3:

You must register your visa (if you stay more than seven working days) upon arrival in Russia.  can help you to register your visa,  just call us when you are in Moscow.
- If you are staying at a hotel, the hotel administration will register your visa for the period of stay;
- You are not required to register your Visa if you stay in Russia for less than 7 working days.

Visa Registration upon Arrival in Russia

Visas can be registered either at a hotel where you’re staying or at one of our Russian offices. We will provide written registration procedures to you after we receive your order.

Our staff completes the required formalities for you in 24 hours; the cost of the service is 1500 rubles for visas valid for 1-3 months and 3000 rubles for longer-term visas. Business multiple-entry visas are registered for up to 3 months at a time, and it may take more than 24 hours to complete the requirements. With all business visas, please contact our local office for details.

A visa is only good for the period it is issued.

 Please make sure to fill out Migration Card which will be given to you by customs officials as you cross the Russian border, and carry it with you at all times.