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There is obviously no better way to spend a day outside of Moscow than visit an ancient town full of history, nature and calm people. We can recommend take escape with us to one of the little towns in the neighborhood of Moscow.

NEW: 3 day tour Moscow-Vladimir-Suzdal-Yaroslavl-Rostov-Sergiev Posad-Moscow

Day 1

08:30 A.M. Departure from Moscow to Vladimir by bus.
11:30 A.M. Arrival to Vladimir
The history of the town goes back over one thousand years. It was founded in 990s by Prince Vladimir on the bank of the river Klyasma. The rise of Vladimir began under Andrei Bogolubsky, the son of Yuri Dolgoruky who founded Moscow.

Vladimir city tour - you will see the XII century monuments - the Uspensky and Dmitrovsky Cathedrals (one of the oldest Russian functioning churches), view the famous Golden Gates.

In order not to carry our luggage during the walking tour we may leave bags at the train station in a left luggage office.

13:30 P. M.  Departure to Suzdal by bus.  If we will have enough time we may have lunch in Vladimir. But I would suggest we have something fast at the train (bus) station and then have a good lunch in Suzdal.

Arrival in Suzdal approximately at 14:15  Accommodation in a private guest house Pokrovskaya  This house located right between Pokrovskaya and Spaso –Efimievskiy monasteries and has better view and prices.

 Fabulously ancient and wonderfully adorned, Suzdal occupies a special place among the other Russian towns. The entire town is a museum which has hardly changed for the past two and a half centuries. Over one hundred monuments, dating from different periods of the past millennium are concentrated here.

15:00 P. M. Lunch at Boyarskiy Restaurant (in Suzdal’s Kremlin). 

16:00 P.M. Suzdal city tour - you will visit the Kremlin, the ancient trading rows and Krestovaya Palata, visit the unique museum of wooden architecture, see lots of big and small churches and listen to the bells' concert in Spaso-Efimievsky monastery. Though I’m not sure if we will have enough time to see everything during a few hours.

18:30 P.M. Dinner at the local restaurant “Russkiy Traktir”

20:30 P.M. Russian Banya at Pokrovskaya House


Day 2

8:00 A.M. Breakfast in a hotel, check out from hotel.
9:00 A.M. Departure to Yaroslavl
by bus (through Ivanovo) (Not sure about time yet because buses will have a summer schedule from May 15, same as trains)

12:15 A.M. Arrival to Yaroslavl. Though the city is the biggest and most active one on the route, it has conserved a nice style of province life. Yaroslavl has a rich collection of historical and art monuments, it is also known for the wall-paintings in cathedrals and churches.
Lunch at the local restaurant on a bank of Volga River.

Yaroslavl City Tour - Observing the city and visits to the Spaso-Preobrazhensky Monastery and the Kremlin, the church of Ilya the Prophet. Visit to the museum “The Music and the Time”

16:35 P.M. Departure to Rostov-the-Great by train.

17:20 P.M. Arrival to Rostov-the-Great.

Accommodation in a local hotel Usadba Pleshanova

Rostov is one of the oldest cities on the route, situated by the beautiful lake Nero. The enormous cathedral of the XVI century and its "metropoly" are considered to be the ancient city center, so called "Rostov Kremlin". Its towers impress by their white-stone architecture. The town is also famous for the "Rostov Finift".  A walking tour around Kremlin and bank of Nero Lake. If weather is sunny we will take a cruise on a little boat.  

19:00 P.M. Dinner at the local restaurant “Slavyansky”


Day 3
9:00  A.M. Breakfast in a hotel.
10:00 A.M. Rostov City Tour - visit to the Kremlin and "Rostov Finift" Museum. Here inside of ancient Kremlin you may walk on a walls and dress tsars and tsarinas clothes.

12:00 A.M. Rostov City Tour – visit Spaso-Yakovlevsky monastery, the beautiful ancient complex located on a bank of Nero Lake. It’s a diamond of Rostov.

14:00 P.M. Lunch in a Kremlin restaurant.

15:00 P.M. Departure to Sergiev Posad by bus.

 The town was named after Saint Sergey Radonezhsky. In the XIV century he founded a monastery here that became one of the greatest in Russia. Nowadays the monastery carries the name of Trinity Lavra of St. Sergey and is considered to be "Russian Vatican". It's a temporary residence of Russian patriarch.
Sergiev-Posad city tour - visit to the famous Trinity Lavra of St. Sergey - the main and the most important monastery of Russia.

19:15 P.M. Departure to Moscow by train.

20:15 P.M. Arrival in Moscow.


The cost of tour package for 2 people is  $1000     

 Included in a price: guiding services, transportation (trains, buses, taxi in Suzdal and Rostov Velikiy ), Banya, museum entrance fees and accommodation.

Not included: food and drinks