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Metro tours

The Moscow Subway (Underground), called the Metro for "Metropoliten", is the fastest and cheapest way to reach many places in Moscow.

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 Kropotkinskaya metro station

Arbatskaya station

The first project for construction of a metro was put forward in 1902 by the engineer Balinsky. His idea was to build a railway partly underground and partly on viaducts. The total length of track would have been 100 km(60 miles). However, this project was rejected because it was felt that it would be unacceptable to deface the city with railway lines, and threaten the stability of old buildings. In 1912 the City Council returned once again to the question of an underground. The engineer Knoppe suggested a plan for underground lines from the suburbs to the centre, and also within the centre with a main passenger station in Lubyanka Square. This project was approved, but the outbreak of WW1, and later the revolution, delayed a start on the metro for many years.

Construction of the metro began in the early 1930s, and its magnificent marble stations with mosaics, chandeliers and precious materials are famous. Particularly notable stations are: Komsomolskaya, Kievskaya, Mayakovskaya, Novoslobodskaya, Ploshchad Revolutsii. Up to 1955 the metro was named after Lasar Kaganovich, but in that year it was renamed the Lenin Moscow Metropolitan Railway. The first line, the Sokolnicheskaya(red color) was opened on 15 May 1935.

It had 13 stations from Sokolniki to Park Kultury. The main sight on this line was Kropotkinskaya(until 1957 known as Palace of Soviets), designed by Dushkin. In an ironic twist of fate, its columns and walls were faced with marble taken from the demolished Cathedral of Christ the Saviour. The next line to be opened was the Gorkovsko-Zamoskvoretskaya Line(green color). Mayakovskaya station on it is the architectural masterpiece of this line, and was also designed by Dushkin. The ceiling of the hall is decorated with mosaic panels made from opaque squares of coloured glass, designed by Deneka on the theme"A Day in the Land of Socialism"

Today, with construction continuing, the Moscow metro covers over 280 kilometers of track and serves 10 million people each day. The Moscow metro operates from 5:30 A.M. to 1:00 A.M. Trains run at intervals of 1-4 minutes. Transfer points close at 1 A.M. You can buy magnetic cards from the cashier in any metro station for one, two, ftwenty or more journeys. Magnetic card costs 50 rubles for one ride (about 70 US cents)

Subway tour would take about 1,5 hours with visit to the most beautiful stations we had mentioned above.

metro map