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Electricity. All around Russia 220 Volt and 50 Hz AC - current supplies are used. Most of the sockets are standard European-size for double round-pin plugs, the same as in France or Germany. Appliances from the US, Canada, Britain will need adaptors (it's better to buy them in your own country, as it's very hard to find them in Russia).

Power cuts and not very common, but the electricity current is not as quality as in Europe (power surges). Means if you have a sensitive device we would reccomend to get a stabilizer for it, especially if you are traveling.

Most of the russian trains have electricity sockets where you can change your mobile telephones or plug in a shaver, but it is not recommended to use them for sensitive devices (such as laptops) without a stabilizer. Bare in mind the train conductor may ask you some money for pluging in your device. It all about $2 (50 Roubles.)


Video & Audio. Russian TV system is Secam, but modern TV-sets work with Pal and NTSC formats as well. Video cassetes (MiniDV, Hi 8, VHS) are available in most shops (supermarkets, music & video stalls), but if you're traveling to the countryside or small towns, it's better to buy a stock in a city.

A huge electronical devices market in Moscow named Gorbushka and located near metro Bagrationovskaya. You can buy anything you mingt need in there.

Weights, Measures & Numbers. The Russian system of weights and measures is similar to the one used in Continental Europe. Russians use kilometers, meters and centimeters to measure the length, and kilograms and liters to measure the weight. Here is the equal table bellow:

1 inch=2,54 cm; 1 foot=0,304 m; 1 yard= 0,914 m; 1 mile=1,609 km; 1 acre=0,405 hectars; 1 pound=0,454 kg; 1 gallon=4,546 liters.

Sometimes decimal numbers are separated with a comma, not with a dot (e.g. two thousand two hundred ninety nine is 2,200.99 in the USA, and is 2 200,99 in Russia).

The celsius temperature scale is used in Russia. 0 degrees celsius equals 32 degrees fahrenheit. To calculate the temperature, the following rule can be applied: T(celsius) = 5/9 * [T(farhenheit) - 32] or  T(fahrenheit) = 9/5 * T(celsius) + 32. So, for example, 20 C degrees in Russia equals 9/5 * 20 + 32 = 68 F degrees.


Photo. Taking pictures at the Red Square?! No, it's not forbidden but it is forbidden to do it in most of the museums (using a flash) and they don't tolerate it in churches. People at the streets are OK if you take their picture, just be careful not to "shoot" a mafia or a cop guy. You can also ask people if they agree to have their photo taken, but most likely they will refuse (because Russians are very humble. You can try to push your way by proposing to send the photo by post later.