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July 14, 2010
Hi, Dmitry, We want to thank you for your help in arranging our trip.  We enjoyed it very much.  The guide, Dmitry, was an excellent guide and had wonderful knowledge of the history of the points of interest. I am sorry we didn't get to meet you.  We will be happy to refer you to anyone we know going to Moscow.  
Best regards,  David from Canada
February 27, 2010
After so many time, this is just to make contact and say we had a great time in Moscow area thanks to you and your friends.
It was wonderful and we have many nice records. Many times I caught myself thinking about the trip, moments and food we had together.
Thank you for everything and let´s get in contact.
Luis from Brazil.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     September 24, 2009
Dear Dimitry, 
I just wanted to thank you for the recent trip around the Golden Ring. Once again I had so much fun and thoroughly enjoyed my time visiting the various towns. You went out of your way to ensure I saw all of the churches and monasteries at the various towns we visited. I loved visiting the Museum of Modern Russian Orthodox Art in Uglich. The paintings there were amazing. I also really enjoyed visiting Myshkin, the town of mice. It was probably the highlight of the trip and so very different to the other Russian towns that we had visited. 
I will be sure to contact you next time i'm in Moscow to plan another trip around the Golden Ring to somewhere else that I haven't visited. Maybe Kostroma next time? 
Thanks again for everything, 
Adam, Australia
Thursday, August 21, 2009

Dima was fantastic! Thank you so much! Tell him good luck on his exams!                                                                                                              Newada Power from USA

Monday, June 29, 2009 11:35 PM
I was very greatful to have Dima and Sasha as my guides.  As a traveler
to over 90 countries I did not think I would need a guide, but Moscow
was harder to navigate alone then I had anticipated and using gaytours
services made is a breeze.  Both guys really cared and wanted to make
sure I see what I wanted and that I was not taken advantage of or
overcharged as a tourist.  They were truly carring about my well being
and what i wanted to see.  They were also fun to be around with and I
just felt really safe and taken care of.  As a gay man it was nice to
have guides who understood gay life and I would highly recomend this



Thursday, August 07, 2008 11:35 PM
Dear Dimitri Maksimov , 
 We came back from Moscow ten days ago , and I must apologize for not giving our feelings as soon as today !
 As a matter of fact , you introduced us to a student called DIMA STERHOV , who is one of your work employees
 I want to tell you how happy we were , my friend and I , to meet such a reliable and trustable person .
Thanks to him , we were able to discover Moscow as we intended to do , because he did understand vey easily and quickly what we wanted , and he did everything he could to make a success out of our stay in the Capital of Russia !
 He is a clever and honest boy , with a surprising good knowledge of French language and culture at which he is so keen as his national and native idiom and traditions .
We are glad to underline how satisfied we were with his servicing , and we wish to recommend him as a good companion for any person with a purpose to know a good many things about your nation.
 We thank very much Dima for being what he is , but we do want to thank you also who allowed us to get in connection with him .
And I am very faithfully yours :
   Jean-Jacques Sйguier
Wednesday, August 06, 2008 7:33 PM
Thank you Dmitry.  Everything was just great!!! 
Monday, July 14, 2008 3:37 PM
Hello,  Dimitry
Just wanted to say again thank you  for everything enjoyed my stay in Moscow and it has been a pleasue booking accomadations through you and your company.
I look forward to my return.
Take care and thank you again for all your help
Friday, June 27, 2008 1:33 AM
Dear Dimitry,
I just wanted to thank you very much for being our guide for the past few days around the Golden Ring. It would have been impossible for us to have seen the many sights without your tour. You went over and above expectations to make the trip very memorable. My favourite city was Suzdal, with its many beautiful churches, monasteries and convents. The most interesting experience, the banya. The most amazing sight - Trinity Monastery of St Sergius. Next time I am in Russia I will definately look you up to see some more sights. Thanks once again,
Adam fom Australia
November 13, 2007 10:36 PM
Dear Dimitry,
I'm sorry it has taken me this long to respond to your inquiry about my experience with your agency. I am so happy and glad that I somehow find you and was able to make contact with you because you were so helpful in getting my documents and itinerary prepared. I could have probably done it alone but you made it much easier and more convenient for me.
My apartment in Moscow was wonderful. The location was superb. I felt very safe at all times. I appreciate the fact that you did call me often to ask how I was doing and if I had any questions. Thank you.
My guides in Moscow were also great. My guides were Dimitry and Vasily. I know I requested Vasily when I returned to Moscow from St. Petersburg but it was no reflection on Dimitry. Dimitry was very good, but the difference was that Vasily spoke Spanish and we were able to communicate real well. You see, I'm fluent in English and Spanish. 
Thank you for providing the transportations from the airport, to and from the train station in both Moscow and St. Petersburg, that was very helpful.
Dennis in Moscow was wonderful. He is the guy that picked me up at the train station and then took me to the airport for my return flight. He was very friendly and made conversation.

One more thing, you might consider providing heat in the apartments. It might not be a problem for some travelers, but being from Texas, where it doesn't get very cold, some evenings in Moscow and St. Petersburg were a little too cool for me, more so in St. Petersburg. I know that when I returned to Moscow, you already had the heater out for me and working so the apartment was nice and warm.
Overall, it was a wonderful experience.  I would recommend you all to others for sure.  Actually, some friends that have heard I went to Russia and would like to go, I have already recommended you all to them.  Again, thank you very much for everything, you all were GREAT!
A hug and a kiss,
Wednesday, December 12, 2007 10:39 PM
Hi Dmitri,
Just to say thanks for everything. The guys were friendly and helpful and made me feel welcome in a strange city. I soon got used to enjoying Moscow, after getting lost on the underground trains, and attempting to cross the big roads above ground. I loved the Russian Art Museum and your smart new shops are wonderful (if you have the money too!). London feels like a village to me today, it's less frantic.
Thanks again,

Tuesday, September 18, 2007 8:00 AM

Dear Dimitri, I was very satisfide with the person you provide me to show me around, he was a gentelman and I am very happy with the service.
Thank you again
Tuesday, May 20, 2003 9:26 PM
 hi Dmitry, everything went wonderfully, I am at home and work again. Hope 
your endeavour was succesfull in Piter. Thanks for your lovely guiding,
Wednesday, July 02, 2003 5:02 AM
Hi Dima,
We are back in the USA after a week in Amsterdam.  We had a wonderful time with you in Moscow.  We want to thank you for helping make our trip to Moscow a success and we certainly will recommend your service to anyone going to Moscow. Good luck to you and thanks again.
Dennis and Ray