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Gay club "69"

This new gay club has been recently opened and it's very famous among gay and lesbinas. Each of six halls has its unique interior. The "Blue" has been decorated with a high-tech style, the "Pink" would offer you very cozy atmosphere sitting on an ottoman. It is easy to suggest that biggest hall of this gay club is a dancing place. Medium level Moscow prices. Beer starts from 70 rubles. No entrance fee. Gay club open: daily, 7 p.m.- 6 a.m.

Get there: "Begovaya" metro, Rozanova Street, 4,
                  tel: +7(495)580-6927, +7(495)940-2769  


                                                                                                Gay club "BOYZ"

 gay club BAZA

Get there: metro Prospect Mira, Bolshaya Pereyaslavskaya Street, d.46 str.1


 Gay bar "BOYZ" open: 9 p.m. - 6 a.m.


 Updated info: 1 March 2016




                                                      Gay club "SECRET"

There is one more new gay club on the surface of Moscow has been recently opened. For those who prefer to pick up younger boys dancing out the night. A vodka shot: from 60 rubles, beer  from 70 rubles.

Get there: Nizhnyi Susalnyi per. 7, bld. 8, Kurskaya metro station. Web:               

Updated info: 1 March 2016








                                                      Sunday Gay dance at club "ROPAGANDA"

Propaganda is a trendy place that seems to be transplanted into Moscow straight from the Manhattanian Soho: bare brick and metal constructions instead of gaudy wall decorations, sturdy wooden tables and chairs, semi-private cubicles for larger parties on the sides and side galleries raised high above the dance floor. Very popular with the young and trendy. Excellent value-for-money ratio for food and cocktails - try a very refreshing Mojito with fresh mint leaves for bare 130R! Sundays are more gay than other nights, but the club is predominantly mixed. This nightclub, which has maintained its popularity with the student crowd for more than seven years, is a happening place not only at night, but also during the daytime, when it turns into an inexpensive European eatery. On Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights, the main dining room turns into a dance floor at midnight. Chinatown parties draw throngs of gay men every Sun. 10pm-6am. An emphasis on house and garage. Often overcrowded on weekends.


Get there: 7 Bolshoy Zlatoustinsky per. (Metro Kitai-Gorod, follow the Maroseika ulitsa and take the first lane on your left). Phone: +7 (495) 924-5732, 923-3494. Opening time: Gay nights begin at 22.00 (10 pm) on Sundays, but the club is open 12.00-6.00, Mon-Fri, 15.00-6.00 (3 pm-6 am) Sat-Sun.


                                                                GAY CLUB  "CENTRAL STATION"


  Popular and trendy club re-opened in the new location. Probably the best gay club in Moscow. It has 2 floors, 3 bars. Drag showsgo-go boys, live DJ, karaoke room and darkrooms. (where a copy of the Queer As Folk is shown in Russian), dance floor and several bars. The best gay club these days in Moscow. Free entrance lures student-age cash-strapped boys and older daddies who prey on them. Heavy dance music dominates the dancefloor. Much fewer curious straights than in any other gay club, the crowd comprises many patrons in stylish clothing smelling sweet perfumes. Free entrance for men before midnight. Cozy chill-out section as well as areas to enjoy striptease, live acts, dancing every night. A perfect place for dancing. The food isn't bad either. Lots of draft and bottled beer. Gets crowded at peak times. Face control can be tough.

Get there: bldg. 1, 11 Nastavnicheskiy pereulok (Metro Chakalovskaya). Tel.: +7 (495) 916-3555, 916-3808  Opening time: 22.00-7.00 (10 pm-7 am) Mon-Sun. Cover fee: 22.00-23.00 (10-11 pm) free for men. Web:

Updated info: 1 March 2016


Gay club "ICE CLUB"

If you are in Moscow on Sunday night don't miss the chance to visit club

Get there: Stoleshnikov Pereulok, d.7 str.1 metro Kuznetsky Most.