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If you're looking for a great alternative to a hotel in St.Petersburg or just not ready to pay high nightly rates for some of the better city hotels, we have a great alternative for you - apartments for rent! 
We can offer selection of nice and comfortable serviced apartments for a short period of renting in a center of St.Petersburg. There are 1-2-5 room apartments for daily rentals to choose from. All of them are good standards. Apartments for short stay come with different rates from $70 per night (there are discounts if you stay longer than a week). The price of the apartment depends on the number of rooms, location and quality of the apartment.
All of the apartments for short term rentals have cooking facilities: gas stoves with ovens, electric kettles. Kitchen is fully stocked with utensils, pans, plates, cups, mugs, glasses, knives, spoons, etc. Each kitchen has a modern refrigerator with a freeze. Higher priced apartments have washing machines, microwaves, stereosystem.
All these serviced apartments have TV-set, telephone, hot water. Emergency assistance. So, you can choose the following according to your budget.

Please contact us in order to book the apartment in St. Petersburg at